Disabled Sports Insurance is now available with o2 Sports Insurance

Through our amateur sports program we insure teams and leagues whose players face a wide-range of handicaps. We can insure Miracle League clients, which are made up of players with significant mental and physical impairments. We also insure disabled veteran sports teams and leagues; whose players also train and play hard in a competitive spirit.

Common Factors that play a role in Disabled Sports Insurance

Players in wheelchairs are most at risk for sprains and strains related to overuse of the upper shoulder, elbow and wrist muscles.

Players with Downs Syndrome are prone to lose joints and ligaments, which may result in an increased risk for neck injuries.

What are the Eligible Adapted Sports?

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair Dancing

Wheelchair Fencing

Indoor Wheelchair Football

Paralympic Football

Wheelchair Hockey

Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Tennis

Sitting Volleyball



Bocce Ball

Blind Cricket

Deaf Basketball

Track & Field Events





Swim teams

O2 Sports Insurance does not discriminate based on mental or physical disabilities. We are proud to insure sports leagues and teams including disabled youth and adult athletes. Contact us for more information [email protected]1-855-351-0202