How can injuries occur during sporting events? What type of insurance policy do I need to carry in order I am properly insured?

It is important that you ensure that your Special Event policy includes General Liability and Accident Medical coverage for all participants including volunteer’s. o2 Sports Insurance can provide the proper and specialized coverage you need for all events regardless of the requirements and size.

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 Some examples are:
Participant Injury:

Failure of supervisor to stop participant rowdiness.

Failure of supervisor to be located closely enough to activities in order to prevent injuries.

Improper ratio of supervisors to participants.

Supervisor incompetence or lack of training (certification) that results in participant injury.

Improper instruction of participants on sport specific techniques and skills, game rules, and safety rules.

Improper layout and design of the playing facility.

Lack of facility maintenance and repair that leads to injuries caused by holes, depressions, or slippery areas.

Poor decision to play under inclement weather conditions.

Lack of emergency planning and coordination with local medical care providers and ambulance services.

Failure to select, properly fit, and inspect quality equipment that is to be used for its intended purpose as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Failure to engage in pre-participation screening for medical risks.

Failure to warn participants/parents of the dangers inherent in sports participation (Waiver/Release Form)


Spectator Injury:

Slip/trip/fall around playing field due to hazards such as holes, slippery surfaces, or uneven surfaces.

Slip/trip/fall off of bleachers.

Contact with a ball caused by lack of barriers or defective barriers.

Caused by improper positioning of players during warm ups.