lacrosse insurance

Lacrosse Insurance

O2 understands the risks when participating in sport and the difficulties that can arise following a sports accident. Our Sports Insurance programs provide benefits that will aid in rehabilitation and recovery. Our policies have been created to offer peace of mind should you sustain injury following a sports accident. Although accidents are less common in a sport like lacrosse, certain risks should be considered, such as, personal liability, income protection and if your team is travelling abroad medical cover. Typical incidents that occur are liability claims for damage to other’s property where vehicles and alike have been struck by a stray ball, claims for damaged fingers and also head injuries are seen in the game.

Under the General Liability and Excess Liability policies, coverage is provided for claims and lawsuits arising out of:

Participant injury, Spectator injury, Property damage liability (to others)

Operations and activities necessary and incidental to the conduct of games or practices

Sponsored functions such as meetings, banquets and fundraisers

Advertising and Personal Injury liability , Products and Completed Operations liability, as respects the functions incidental to a lacrosse team or league

For all Lacrosse Team, League, Association, Club and Clinic Insurance needs o2 has got you covered.

We offer customized insurance policies for short-term or annual insurance policies depending on your specific needs.

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