safe sports act 2018

Safe Sport Act has imposed three major requirements when addressing sexual abuse

By its language, it applies to all sport “national governing bodies” and all other sports organizations that travel across state lines or international borders to compete.

This includes camps, churches, leagues, schools and tournament hosts.

Even if your organization does not cross borders, it may still be required by insurance companies or state law to implement this higher standard of care.


Safe Sport Act imposes three major requirements.

  • First, it enlarges the group of people who are mandated reporters under child abuse protection laws.

Any adult who is “authorized to interact with minor or amateur athletes” in an organization that comes under the law has the duty to report suspected child abuse, including sexual abuse, to law enforcement and/or child protection officials within 24 hours of gaining the information.

The Safe Sport Act requires adults to step up and protect kids.

  • Second, for all sports organizations at every level, the law requires mandatory prevention training, including learning about “grooming” and how to proactively reduce the risk that abuse can occur.
  • Third, every organization must also have written prevention policies.

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Safe Sport Center provides online training for teams and parents, including free “Parents Guide to Misconduct in Sport”:

New York State Western Youth Soccer Association offers a summary of the mandatory reporting requirements of the federal Safe Sports Act:

U.S. Center for Safe Sport (the official sport organization for investigation alleged abuse):

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