A Buyer’s Guide to Sports Insurance

When planning to buy insurance for your Sports Team or organization, many factors come into play. This can include the locations and events covered, the involved parties covered, equipment damage, and medical coverage. 02 Sports Insurance will protect your Team from liabilities while making sure that you are not financially responsible for any injuries or accidents that happen. It could be an injured player, broken equipment, or abuse. When circumstances like these come up, it can make an already stressful situation even more overwhelming when the burden of the cost comes to you. Here at O2 Sports Insurance, we take covering your Team or organization from liabilities seriously. It’s vital to the Team’s success that coverage is properly put in place. 


One of the first factors to consider when buying insurance is which type of coverage you need. Do you need insurance to cover your training, practices,or team ? Or are you looking for an event policy? Does your booster club need insurance for fundraisers, award banquets, year end parties? Getting the proper coverage is essential.

Covered Parties- Additional Insured’s

The next factor to keep in mind is the involved parties that also need to be listed under your policy. The locations and premises that you will use to practice,and or train at will require you to provide them with what is called an Additional Insured Certificate, this is free of charge with the purchase of your policy. 

Optional Coverages- Inland Marine/ Equipment Coverage

Inland marine installation floater insurance covers contractor’s materials and supplies from a variety of exposures other than those excluded in the policy. This coverage includes fire, theft, explosions, water damage, transit related damage and vandalism.

Coverage Limits

When you’re ready to purchase your policy it is important to check with the premise and location you will be renting from, signing a contract with as they may have specific limits and requirements that you must meet in order to rent their field/location. 


Also, it is important to consider that an umbrella excess liability policy may be required which 02 can offer you at an additional premium.

All these factors need to be reviewed when choosing the right policy, and assessing your own organization’s required limits and potential risks will help with this process. Comprehensive coverage is crucial to protecting your involved parties and keeping your players safe.

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