Nebraska Womens Volleyball Sets Record for most attended womens sporting event in history.

Nebraska Women’s Volleyball Shatters World Record, Setting New Heights in Sports

In the world of sports, breaking records is a legendary and exceptionally rare feat, occurring only to a select few. It’s the moment when the world of athletics elevates expectations and reshapes the limits of their sport, leaving an indelible mark in history with their names. Recently, the Nebraska Women’s Volleyball Team achieved just that, smashing a world attendance record and leaving the sports community in awe.


The Record-Breaking Event

On Wednesday, August 30th the largest crowd to witness a women’s sports event filled Memorial Stadium at The University of Nebraska. With an attendance of 92,003, this event not only set a record as the largest crowd to witness a women’s sporting event in the United States but also exceeded what is widely recognized as the world-record attendance for any women’s sporting event. This sizable event required a ticketed admission. Initially, tickets for the doubleheader, featuring Wayne State’s victory over Nebraska-Kearney in a Division II exhibition followed by the Huskers and Mavericks Game, were set at $25 for adults and $5 for high school students and younger. However, ticket prices skyrocketed on the secondary market, reaching heights of up to $400. 

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Event Insurance 

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