South Korean bobsledders said Sunday that their silver medals in the four-man event at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics is a direct result of teamwork

Won Yun-jong, Seo Young-woo, Jun Jung-lin and Kim Dong-hyun tied for second with a German team in the four-man bobsleigh.

“Our personal talent may not exceed other European or North American athletes, but when we’re together, we’re strong,” said Won, the pilot of the team. “It’s not only us four who produced these results. With our coaches, support staff, federation officials and other bobsledders who supported us, they’re all a part of our team.”

The underdogs not even expected to medal came away with a silver, the first of its kind for an Asian bobsleigh team.

“We were in a country where it was difficult to have even one four-man bobsleigh team, but now we won an Olympic medal,” said Kim, who served as a brakeman for the team. “I hope one day we can have 10 four-man bobsleigh teams and compete with each other.”

This was Kim’s third Winter Olympics, he has been driving the sled for the last six years with Jun in the two-man and four-man event. For the first Winter Olympics at home, he let Won take over the pilot seat and decided not to compete in the two-man competition with Jun, this decision came after he wanted for focus solely on the four-man race. “I trusted Won’s driving technique,” he said. “Since I also have a pilot experience, and I told him my feelings about our run, and we really had good discussions.”

“I’m sure giving up a two-man event wasn’t an easy decision,” Seo said. “In other countries, I heard there’s some friction among teammates, but our team’s chemistry is just so great.”

Jun said he believes this historic achievement is the beginning of their journey.

“No one thought that we would become the first Asians to win this medal, but we made it,” he said. “I believe we’ll improve and get better results.”  (Yonhap)