Sports Insurance

Types of Coverage Needed for Sporting Events: A Comprehensive Guide

Sports insurance offers coverage that protects sports teams, sports associations, and recreational organizations. It is a fundamental component of risk management in sports. Sports insurance is crucial in reducing risks and enabling sports programs and entities to participate in sports confidently.

No two sporting events are the same, it is important to understand the types of insurance coverages that can be purchased. At O2 Sports Insurance, our insurance specialists can help customize the appropriate coverage needed to not only protect you and your organization from financial disaster; but to also provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage. All of the above goes towards protecting participants, spectators and the facility owners or renters. It is always important to check with the locations prior to your event as all locations require different limits and specific coverages whereby you will need to list the facility, venue and or location as an “ additionally insured”. 


General Liability 

General Liability Insurance is essential for sports organizations, teams, and facility owners. It protects against claims and lawsuits resulting from bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury that may occur during sports events or practices. This coverage also includes legal defense costs, settlements, and judgments.


Accident Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses incurred by injured participants, typically functioning as a secondary payment source based on the policy’s terms and conditions. There are two main reasons organizations obtain Accident insurance: first, to fulfill the responsibility of covering out-of-pocket medical costs for program-related injuries. Secondly, as a prerequisite set by the General Liability carrier to extend coverage for legal claims stemming from injuries to participants. Policies may be issued to employees or employers, individuals or to members of an association. 

Excess Liability

Excess Liability, or umbrella coverage, provides coverage over a single underlying policy, or several different underlying policies. The limits provided by this policy will not respond to the loss until after some specified underlying policies limits are spent, exhausted, or otherwise not available. If underlying limits are not available, and the coverage is not excluded from the Excess/Umbrella coverage, this policy will respond as primary. 

Abuse and Molestation

Sexual Molestation Liability Insurance can provide protection for claims of sexual abuse made against a policyholder and a policyholder’s employees. Claims that may arise – whether true or false – can be related to abusive behaviors committed by the insured (and/or the insured’s employees), but also can involve a failure to supervise when inappropriate behavior occurs.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto

Hired and non-owned auto is a commercial auto coverage that extends your auto liability coverage to vehicles that aren’t owned by your business, but are used for your business tasks. These can include “hired” vehicles, rented, leased, or borrowed to perform business operations. It also includes “non-owned” vehicles, owned by employees. If one of your employees or a contractor were to cause an accident doing a work-related task in a vehicle your company does not own, the driver’s auto insurance would kick in first, then hired and non-owned would cover the remainder of the damages after the employee’s insurance is exhausted.

Inland Marine- Equipment Coverage

Inland Marine Insurance covers products, equipment, and other forms of business property that are not tied to a fixed location and are not covered by commercial property insurance. Inland Marine Insurance will ensure that coverage follows insured property regardless of location, as long as they are locked and secure while not in use. 


Property Policies cover risks of direct physical loss other than those that are specifically excluded. Most claims arise from fire, wind, theft, and vandalism. However, many other perils can jeopardize property values and the income producing capability of a sports and recreation organization.

Directors and Officers

Sports organizations and governing bodies rely on the expertise and decision-making of their directors, officers, and board members. Directors and officers liability insurance, insures these individuals against claims of mismanagement, negligence, or wrongful acts. This covers personal assets and legal defense costs in case of lawsuits or legal action.


Sporting event policies can be complicated but it does not need to be. O2 Sport Insurance is here to help you breathe easy and choose what to insure.

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