Under-25 Potential Masters Champion this year?

Already in this calendar year, PGA Tour winners have included Hideki Matsuyama (25), Justin Thomas (23), Jordan Spieth (23) and Jon Rahm (22). Each ranking in the top 12 on the Official World Golf Ranking, a tier formerly reserved for more experienced pros who gradually make it into the list.

At 32, Dustin Johnson, is the second-oldest winner on the PGA tour this year. When interviewed and age was mentioned he reacted staying ” Johnson said. “Am I considered an old player now? Geez, I mean, the guys that are the younger guys on tour, I guess I can say the younger guys, I feel like I’m one of the young guys, but they’re very good. There’s a lot of great players, a lot of great young players.” He pauses for a moment before considering his own place in this stratosphere, then adds: “Myself included.” Johnson has won each of his past three tournament this year.

Has technology played a role in why pro golfers are younger? In this generation players have the advantage of using technology to understand the how and the why whereas previous generations knew how to hit the ball and get it into the hole. Instructional methods weren’t yet used in previous generations.

“Things have gotten so much more scientific in approach to golf now,” Jason Day said. “Guys have TrackMans and mental coaches and swing coaches and short-game coaches. I mean you name it, they’ve got it, because once again, you’re an individual as a player, but you have a team of people around you to make you the best player you can.”


photo source: japantimes.