Checklist for Managing Sports and Recreation Risks

Does your Association Host Special Events?

Implementing Risk Management strategies for your sports and recreation events can reduce liabilities.

  • Does your equipment meet the standards set by the Association?
  • Are the facilities that are hosting the events safe and up to code? Ensure the right safety procedures are in place. Make sure that the premises have been recently inspected by fire and safety authorities on a regular basis.
  • Supervisor-to-user ratio must be implemented? The appropriate ratio will depend on the type of activity, the equipment being used and the age of the participants.
  •  All employees and volunteers must have a completed background check on file prior to the event taking place? Ensure that employees and volunteers have adequate training in first aid, coaching and organizational policies and procedures, and any other training that is appropriate to your organization.
  • Are there signs installed to warn of any hazards?
  • Do your operations obey to national, provincial or other governing-body regulations and legislation?
  • Are your facilities and equipment regularly inspected? ​​ Staff members should always pre-inspect the grounds for obvious hazards. Regular inspections on premises are usually required by the state depending on the type of venue. Double check prior to booking the venue to ensure the location is up to code.
  • Is there a required waiver or consent form in place? These are legal forms intended to protect your organization from liabilities. Always consult a lawyer to develop legal forms. This works hand in hand with your liability insurance.
  • Do you have the proper liability coverage?

Recommended minimum liability limits range anywhere from $2 million to $5 million depending on the venue and their specific insurance requirements.

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