US Gymnastics

New Olympic Cycle, New Format for Gymnastics

What does this mean for Gymnastics? The idea and thought process behind it is to give countries time to rebuild. Also, the format for Worlds a year after the Olympics is a little different. How? There will be no team competitions, and each country will send four gymnasts to compete in the individual all-around and event finals.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) has also decided to change the size of the team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Each nation will have only be allowed four team members competing instead of the previous number of five.  However, Tokyo qualification will involve a new option for individuals to qualify as specialists, this means that a country could end up sending up to six gymnasts. The smaller team size will continue to favor the Americans, who produce a high level of all-around talent.

Will the U.S. all-around streak be broken?

An American athlete has won every World or Olympic all-around competition since 2011. An off year does not mean the U.S. women won’t make a comeback to dominance by Tokyo or even as early as next year.

What do you think about the new Olympic cycle? Is it going to work in favor for or against Team USA in Gymnastics?

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