Sexual Harassment Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, sexual harassment insurance coverage is an insurance product that is needed within an association, club, team, or even during an event.

It is estimated that approximately one in three American’s will experience sexual assault in their adult life. In fact, statistics indicate that 39% of women report having experienced at least one incidence of sexual assault prior to the age of 16.

Despite your best efforts incidents of sexual harassment will still occur which is why prevention awareness and action needs to be frequently discussed in order to protect people from sexual harassment.  Incidents of sexual harassment occur everywhere, on and off the field and within the workplace, employers have a duty of care that is owed to their employees, team, league, and participants to protect them from sexual harassment. In response to this fiduciary responsibility employers must make efforts to protect their staff and members of their organization. Prevention is clearly the best strategy as it ideally would eliminate sexual harassment. Bad things still happen and the actions of an individual can create significant financial risk for an owner which is why sexual harassment insurance coverage should be considered.

How Does Sexual Harassment Insurance Coverage Work?

Sexual harassment insurance coverage is usually an “add on” or it could also be built into the Employment Practices Liability Insurance which is often part of a director & officers insurance policy.

What does it cover?

Sexual harassment insurance coverage extension effectively pays for the legal expenses associated with defending a claim brought against an employee and/or employer and could pay for settlements or judgments against the employee and/or employer

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