Under Armour’s headquarters is any athletes Dream come true  

Who wouldn’t want to work here let alone workout at UA’s state of the art facility.

Inside the facility there is not only a basketball court, a high-tech, 36,000-square-foot gym, a basement boxing gym but a breath-taking outdoor turf that is right on the harbor. Yoga classes, circuit training classes are offered. These facilities are open to the public and to all UA employees for a monthly discounted rate.

In the 140,000-square-foot warehouse, UA “teammates” design, test, and innovate the way the company makes new shoes, gear, and apparel.

The company recently built a body scanner that is equipped with cameras. These cameras are supposed to improve the brands products making them more customized for all types of athletes.

But UA’s expansion within Baltimore isn’t complete yet. The company will soon claim another 3.9 million square feet at Port Covington. This expansion is expected to have enough space for over 10,000 employees, the multibillion-dollar plan calls for three skyscrapers and a stadium. It’ll eventually become UA’s new headquarters, and will come with even more home-field advantages.