Winter sports safety guidelines

Don’t let an accident on the first day ruin the experience, remember a few simple tips and ensure a great time in the snow.

  1. Wear a helmet

The amount of accidents and even deaths caused by head injuries have made many resorts set rules to make helmets mandatory when on the slopes.

  1. Wear Sunscreen lotion
    Any seasoned pro knows that suntan lotion to the face is a must. Protect your face and neck and avoid skin burns or even cancer.
  2. Dress Warm
    If you’re skiing or snowboarding all day, you’ll generally be keeping your body temperature quite high. Invest in a warm jacket and snow pants, one that will keep you warm.
  3. Know your limits
    Winter sports – the clue is in the name. Most activities will use muscle groups that you probably haven’t used in a while – or at all! Cramping is a common occurrence and when you’re halfway down a vertical slope, it can be inconvenient! Ease yourself into it.
  4. Stay in bounds
    People get lost or setting off avalanches – why take the risk, protect yourself from any injuries.

There is information on the NSAA’s website.

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