You can never be too insured when it comes to Sports Insurance. Accidents Happen.

Sport Accident Insurance Claims

  • Soccer – a player hyperextends a knee while defending the ball resulting in strain.
  • Football – during a tackle, the running back suffered a concussion.
  • Baseball – a fielder running to catch a pop-fly dislocated their arm when reaching over a fence.
  • Softball – base runner slid into home base and collided with catcher resulting in a fractured arm.
  • Gymnastics – gymnast sprained an ankle when landing on the mat after dismount.
  • Basketball – One player’s elbow hit another’s mouth and fractured their jaw.
  • Boxing –Skilled fighter knocked out another athlete leaving him with a concussion.

Sports Liability Insurance Claims

  • Baseball – A player sued an association for loss of opportunity after he claims that he was promised a short stop position instead the coach put him on 2nd base.
  • Gymnastics – An adult jumped into the foam pit while attending their niece’s birthday party. Allegations that instructor encouraged the adult to try a maneuver.
  • Curling – Claimant slipped on the ice. Allegation the ice was especially slippery that day.
  • Skiing – Visually impaired skier lost control and went out of instructors control and hit a 3rd party.
  • Softball – Claimant allegedly sustained severe personal injuries due to slipping on a patch of dirt.
  • Athletics – During a Relay the plaintiff tripped over the starting block that was left on the track.
  • Gymnastics – Member over rotated and the coach who was the spotter wasn’t paying attention.
  • Soccer – Goalie kicked player in the head while the player was trying to “head” the ball.

Directors & Officers Insurance Claims

  • Suspended player – association suspended a player for refusal to participate in an association’s fundraising events.
  • Replaced president – non-paying position yet indignation alongside damage to one’s reputation.
  • Parent sued association in small claims actions – son wasn’t granted enough play time.
  • Board revoked membership for abuse allegation
  • Board suspended coach for sexual impropriety
  • Coach suspended for making derogatory statements about other coaches
  • Coach suspended for improper language around minor athletes.
  • Suspended director for stealing money – director countersued stating it was the Board’s fault for allowing it to happen.
  • Sponsorship program – individual claimed association acted in bad faith preventing him from being successful – he was to share in the sponsorship profits.
  • Private soccer firm sued association for refusing to sanction players traveling abroad.
  • Player wanted to play for another team – different jurisdiction.
  • Association expelled athlete due to parent’s action – parent sued for player to be reinstated.

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